Goldilocks Finds the Perfect Latex Mattress to Replace Her 35-Year Old Latex Mattress!

Unlike the story of " the Three Bears and Goldilocks," where Goldilocks tried resting on two bedrooms before she found that the third bed was perfect for her -- my nickname is Goldilocks, but this is simply not a story book. This can be a TRUE HISTORY about finding my excellent latex mattress 40 years ago, after I purchased my first sleep, and my difficult search to find a replacement.

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I used to babysit our neighbor's children though growing up. She invited me to her home one day to recommend I purchase a latex mattress like hers, while she realized I Would gotten involved. She pulled the blankets off her king-size bed to ensure that she could show me the way the mattress hadn't sagged, and stated how edges and the edges were still firm after an exceptional period of time. I wish I really could remember the actual variety of years she'd said that she and her husband have been employing their bed, but I really do understand that due to her little demonstration, I believed that I wanted to purchase a latex mattress the same as it even though I later found that it would charge me about twice what the average 'spring' beds were selling for at the time. I remembered that whenever we had shifted south, my mother had obtained much of her furniture in a big furniture shop in a nearby town from the sales person. He explained that even though retailer did not share this mattress, he could buy it, and I asked him to-order a great latex mattress for me "SIGHT UNSEEN."


As we became older, my husband and I slept peacefully on this latex mattress for 35 years without experiencing pains or any aches, and we somewhat feature our independence from the health we enjoy to this latex bed as well as medicine! It was not until about the 33rd year whenever we pointed out that the cover exposing the latex in several places and was deteriorating, therefore we simply set it in a zippered mattress cover. This worked well until the 34th year, once we began noticing body indentations and minor sagging. We began our search to buy another latex mattress enjoy it. I searched online for the same latex mattress company, but was unhappy to discover that they'd shut their opportunities. A friend suggested we visit a little, nearby mattress producer in our place whose family was constructing beds for 3 years. I wanted to ensure he may provide the same latex as that of our first latex mattress. I told the owner the title of its manufacturer, and that I remember him saying, "All latex will be the same." Having obtained three mattresses inside a 3-year time, in my opinion I'm qualified to report: ALL latex isn't the identical!